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Just stumbled on one of the dumbest Orthodox Jewish blogs I’ve ever encountered. Let me put it this way: Any negative and ridiculous stereotype about atheists you might have heard… yeah, this guy seems to support them all, along with the regular assortment of weak and absurd arguments.

1. Evolution is wrong bc the Nords haven’t replaced the blacks, as Darwin predicted.

Torah Philosophy: Darwin: Wrong Again

2. Atheists just live a horribly hedonistic life. Torah Philosophy: Atheists Love Fun!

3. Torah Philosophy: Atheists Have a License to Kill - yeah, as it sounds.

These are honestly the first three I found after doing a google search. damn!

Thankfully, the comments seem to nail the flaws and gaping holes in his ‘points’.

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    He MUST be a troll, lord have mercy. This is embarrassing. Beyond. This must be how Christians feel about WBC.
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