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"Devil's Playground" - documentary about the life of Amish teens during "rumspringa", their first encounter with the outside world when turning 16

I started to watch this the other night, figuring it’d help me fall asleep. I was very wrong.

This documentary is absolutely fascinating. It elucidates the lifestyle and some of the actual beliefs of the Amish {and, gotta say, a lot less insane than I had originally thought}, details the joys and pitfalls of teens’ first encounters with the “party” lifestyle {much like most teens}, explores the struggles, triumphs, and lives of teens deciding whether to commit to the Amish church or to join the secular, “english” world, and it provides a fascinating lens on religion and psychology.

And since you were probably wondering - yes, I could strongly relate much of their experience and struggles with my own history as an orthodox jew.

Completely engrossing and I can’t recommend this film enough. Watch 5 minutes, and see if you can stop!

Wikipedia article {link}

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