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Chutzpah is important.

so turned on… lol


Chutzpah is important.

so turned on… lol

The (Sneaky) Shabbos Project


Many of my frum friends have shared this video on Facebook over the past few days along with comments like “this is amazing” and “so beautiful!” I knew from the title that my opinion of the video would likely be quite different. How right I was.

Watching this video upset me quite a bit. I felt as though I was witnessing Orthodoxy hijack modern secular South African Jewry in an attempt to pull them back a few centuries. The premise of the Shabbos Project is not about about unity or community. It’s about one group of throwbacks trying to bring about their messiah by tricking the masses into conforming to their beliefs. It’s about sneaking in the backdoor of peoples’ lives so the organizers can bait and switch the participants with their hidden kiruv agenda.

It’s also pretty likely that the vast majority of participants did not actually keep all the laws of shabbos. I’m sure the organizers left out laws like “You can’t brush your teeth” and “you can’t read anything secular” and all the stuff that would make people realize how oppressive the idea of shabbos really is. And I’m sure the organizers didn’t let the participants know that they believe that many minor shabbos transgressions are punishable by death.

If only the secular participants understood what the end-goal of the organizers was, I’m sure they would not want to participate. 

I wonder how the organizers would feel if secular Jews started a movement called the “Breaking Shabbos Project” where all of the secular Jews try and get frum jews to be michalel shabos?

As a side-note, did you notice how the lead rabbi and his wife won;t even sit on the same couch next to each-other? They sat on separate chair with a big arm divider. That’s the type of life awaits the people who get sucked in through kiruv. 

Reality FTW.

I also find it really amusing how the organizers overestimate the effect this is gonna have on people. For most of these people, it was probably just a fun one-off thing to do for a weekend with their community, but I strongly doubt any significant number of them are thinking, “yeah, I want to do this every week for the rest of my life!”

Also, I’m sure many people just found it annoying as fuck, but those people don’t make it into the promo video, of course.

And I kinda like the idea of a worldwide shabbos project. I’m sure many will get super psyched about the messiah arriving… and it’ll be interesting to watch their responses when sunday rolls around and the world is not a theocratic “faux-topia”.

Anonymous asked: Try keeping busy to keep those dreams about your ex far out of your way. Go on an adventure!

Good ideas. I’m not sure why she appears sometimes. I think it might have more to do with how I feel about myself. (self esteem issues and such.) but spring is here, the weather is improving, and I’m optimistic =]


So Purim passed the other day. It used to be my favorite holiday. It was “my” holiday. But now, this year at least, I could hardly give much of a damn at all. I worked. I didn’t even drink. No noshing either. And that was fine.

Anonymous asked: Have fun in shiksa hell

ugh, I wish…


I remember one year in yeshiva some guys hung an effigy of Haman out a window, by a noose. It was a bit out there, but overall everyone seemed to enjoy it. Looking back now… damn… that was kinda fucked up.

The Jews were very eager to proselytize to gentiles in the 1st century BCE until the 2nd half of the 4th century CE and while conversion to Judaism sharply dropped throughout the Roman empire after Bar-Kokhba’s defeat, the overall Rabbinic policy about converting gentiles and spreading Judaism among gentiles changed to reluctance only after the Church, and subsequently the Muslims, had introduced stiff penalties for Jews trying to convert others. Furthermore, open the Tanakh and you’ll find in several places evidence e.g. “say among the nations: YHWH reigns!” in Tehillim or Yesha`yahu 56:3-9 that the attitude is positive and even encouraging regarding gentiles joining/accompanying our people. This gives the lie to the common Orthodox opinion that righteous converts aren’t at all what Judaism is about and were never a “Jewish thing”….

ANONYMOUS (via somewhereinjerusalem)

A quick history lesson for those that think Judaism doesn’t proselytize. Today’s lesson: In the past, it was positively encouraged to do so, even to gentiles.


MØ is singing “Say You’ll Be There” by the Spice Girls. She’s just solidified her spot in the hall of FILTER greatness at the Tumblr House.

how many times is the sponsered piece of shit going to show up in my dash. ugh! fuck off filtermagazine!


MØ is singing “Say You’ll Be There” by the Spice Girls. She’s just solidified her spot in the hall of FILTER greatness at the Tumblr House.

how many times is the sponsered piece of shit going to show up in my dash. ugh! fuck off filtermagazine!

Moral Stories

I was thinking the other day about morality and a line I like - that people can just as easily learn morality from tv shows - and it got me wondering about popular moral themes in todays entertainment compared to the bible, and jewish literature as a whole.

For instance: I can’t think of a single instance in the torah where people are at war, or someone did something terrible and deserves to die, but the opponent decides just to have mercy on the person.

Obviously the role of women is another good example, though I’m particularly interested in the torah’s portrayal of “strong women.”

Or how about the moral: “Be yourself”?

This isn’t even about the people back then being immoral, but simply that certain ideas hardly existed yet.

So I’m hoping you awesome followers might be able to contribute some ideas: Morals which are absent, or stories which might count as those moral lessons. (For instance, I had a discussion with my friend last night about whether the story of Abraham praying for Sodom was about mercy - I don’t think it is; and about Saul sparing the king of Amalek - which we both agreed, when looking at the text, didn’t seem to be a story of mercy at all.)

So, ideas?

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You are the Source of Blessing, Hashem Our G-d, King of the Universe, who created humans in wisdom and created within them many openings and vessels. It is revealed and it is known before the Throne of Your glory that if but one of them were closed or but one of them were opened it would be impossible to stand before You.
You are the Source of Blessing, G-d, You heal all flesh and work wonders.

"Asher Yatzar" blessing (said after by observant Jews after using the toilet)

yeah, there’s a long ass blessing you make every time you hit the john. though when I was a kid I said it even if I just brushed my teeth or washed my hands or whatever since my rabbi instructed us to say it whenever we leave the bathroom.

but yeah, ‘god heals all flesh’ … right.

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I’m in a really pissed off mood today.

Anonymous asked: In Rabbi Akiva Tatz's book, The Thinking Jewish Teenager's Guide to Life, he says something really interesting. He says nowadays people have "blind faith" which is meaningless and you might as well have faith for anything, theres an infinite amount of things to have faith that are all equally as valid. BUT, Jews have Kuzari argument etc.. Therefore Emunah is not faith but rather "faithfulness." Based on that, if someone took down the Kuzari argument in from of him, he should become a Heskel.

In theory, anyways…

Anonymous asked: Did you know that in the Modern Orthodox community you're not chayav until you go to Israel for the year?

chayav what?