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rationaljew asked: Do you still look back to your old life and feel dumbfounded by how you could have believed all that ridiculous nonsense? How has your view of friends and family changed? I sometimes can't help thinking of my religious friends and family as archaic crackpots. And I can't figure out for the life of me how I actually believed all that shit. I mean, I know WHY I believed it, but it still surprises me that I did.

1. Part of me wonders how I could have believed it, but I know it’s bc of indoctrination, misinformation, and poorly developed reasoning skills. But yeah, how the hell did I believe in it?!

2. My group of friends has changed pretty much entirely. I’m not in contact with almost any of my friends from yeshiva (and don’t want to be). My friends now are much more open-minded and tend to be agnostic or atheist. 

As for family, it’s complicated. My parents are obviously unhappy that I’ve “lost my way”, but they’re getting used to it. And, ironically, my relationship with my folks now is better than it’s been in a long time.

And yeah, I know the feeling of thinking that religious folk are kinda crazy. and they kind of are. (but again, indoctrination, misinformation, and poor reasoning and research). but listening to them talk sometimes makes me want to face-palm so hard that I crush my skull. 


Anonymous asked: This "G-d's Iron Dome" business is confusing the hell out of me. If God likes to literally, physically protect Jewish people like that, it implies that He's a bit of a flake, to say the least. Showin' up in Europe in 1945 like "HAYYYY Y'ALLLLLL I WENT TO THE ANDROMEDA GALAXY FOR TWELVE YEARS! WHAT'D I MISS?"

I took my shitty baby there and couldn’t get it changed for a new one.
I want a refund.
Fuck you Koala baby changing stations. Liars.

I took my shitty baby there and couldn’t get it changed for a new one.

I want a refund.

Fuck you Koala baby changing stations. Liars.

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OMGWTFBIBLE is Going to England!


I’m very excited to announce that I’m going to be doing a live episode of OMGWTFBIBLE from Warwick, England at this year’s Limmud Conference sometime between December 28, 2014 to January 1, 2015. Limmud is an international organization dedicated to fostering new approaches to Judaism and I am honored to be among their presenters.

There are still a ton of details to work out, including the actual date of the show and the guest, but I can’t wait to bring OMGWTFBIBLE to the other side of the Atlantic.

Oh, and I kinda sorta need your help to pay for my airfare. So please donate at the Indiegogo!

Of all the things in the world to donate to… this isn’t the best, lol - but it may be the funniest and certainly not the worst =]

Anonymous asked: Are you familiar with the legend of the "Angels of Mons?" It's a cautionary tale about acceptance of claims of supernatural events occurring at wartime. Even after the original author admitted he made it all up, people continue to believe in various "eyewitness" accounts about the supposed divine intervention. People who claim miraculous occurrences now in the Gaza conflict would do well to familiarize themselves with this. -Fizzix

Fascinating! (x)

As always, a great contribution from Fizzix, and I’m much obliged!

I do recognize that this is a bit different from the article, which is about an actual eye-witness account (supposedly, I didn’t check the hebrew sources),

But interesting all the same, esp about how entirely fictional stories *cough*cough*bible*cough*cough* can come to be accepted as fact.

For instance, that quote from the article from ‘a hamas leader’, which seems to be entirely fabricated.

And really, the ‘missile miracle’ is basically like a million non-military miracles you hear about, like narrowly avoiding a car crash or some other tragic end. Fact is, given complicated circumstances and many, many trials, the improbable becomes probable. These aren’t miracles. No laws of the universe were suspended. Frankly, they don’t even seem all that anomalous. One certainly doesn’t hear news reports about these ‘amazing miracles’ nor conferences of scientists desperately trying to figure out how such a thing could happen. And it’s clear why: These “miracles” are really just common improbable occurrences. That’s it.

Another Miracle During Combat

I  was very skeptical of the claim that God is defending Israel(and of all the “miracles”),until I stumbled upon this article from Israel today, titled 

Iron Dome Operator: God Moved Missile We Couldn’t Hit    This story defies  explanation and thus it has convinced that the God of the bible may exist. What  do you think of this?


Hey Eliezer,

So this is just another “god saved us” battle story. Ask any army person if they’ve seen such a “miracle” in combat, and you’ll get a thousand responses about how jesus saved them. Or consider how Isis must have felt not that long ago when 800 of their fighters scared off 30,000 enemy troops! 30,000!!!! “Clearly Allah is on our side!”

This isn’t evidence that god exists or that it’s yhwh or that he’s fighting for the state of israel - this is just one dude from the israeli army who saw a missile blown off course last minute and concluded, “yes, this could only be god.” Personally, I’m not convinced. At all.

Yeah , but most of the other parts of religion that can be unappealing [don’t] affect the world as much, so what reason is there to advocate against it?

I think my main problem with most religions is that it encourages people not to think rationally. I see that as a huge fucking problem which definitely affects the world in a big way.

But even if it didn’t have that, or the sexism, or hate, etc - it’s still just factually incorrect. I’m not going out preaching on the streets, but people deserve to know when they’re being given bad information, or outright lies.

And personally, I don’t think the world is better off with people believing in ancient bullshit.


Local missionaries are operating a $5 million, 14,000 sq. ft. building in the heart of Jewish Brooklyn to convert Jews. The missionaries prey on Jews who may not know the difference between Judaism and “Messianic Judaism” (i.e. the Christian version). The missionaries often dress like religious Jews and converse in traditional Jewish language in order to deceive Jews who may not know any better.

Unfortunately, many Jews are being lost to the missionaries. A shocking study recently showed that 34% of American Jews think that “a person can be Jewish if they believe that “J” was the messiah.” In other words, a full third of Jewish Americans think that followers of J.C. (i.e. Christians) can also be Jews.

We are now expanding to include an additional Jewish outreach center to stop the missionaries. Our newest center -now under construction- is located directly across from the train and bus stations, just blocks away from the missionary center. Thousands of Jews pass by daily. BJX’s newest center is committed to reach unaffiliated Jews who otherwise will be entrapped by the missionaries.

Our mission is to educate and empower young Jewish men and women who may not have had the benefit of a Jewish education. Our loving and tolerant faculty gives young men and women the ability to question, challenge, explore and grow as Jews.

1) I love the dramatic music in this video.

2) I love how orthodox jews are freaking out that others have different opinions. “They think passover is about jesus!” **cue dramatic music!!**

3) I personally credit my time arguing with missionaries as being a crucial step in my eventually seeing the problems with religion and deism altogether. Can’t wait to see what effects this place has on the neighborhood.

4) I love how they’re basically saying, “They’re missionizing the non-religious jews!…. how terrible!.. those people are ours to missionize!” (Quote: “BJX’s newest center is committed to reach unaffiliated Jews who otherwise will be entrapped by the missionaries.”)

5) I also like how they have to point out that they’re faculty are “loving and tolerant”… as opposed to what these kids are used to? Probably.

6) Oh, I also love how these orthodox jews are freaking out that anyone could even think that you could be jewish and christian. They quote a study (source?) about it the same way I would a study about evolution or climate change… except their quoted study just comes down to opinion. But no, they can’t stand that opinion. ‘That opinion is wrong!’

p.s. looks like BJX doesn’t like atheists either: ” BJX believes that the Torah must be the first address where people turn to with their questions and not secular sources or organizations such as Footsteps [the organization that helps haredim who want to leave what are often closed haredi communities and live in secular or non-haredi communities] that are rabidly anti Yiddishkeit” (x)

Anonymous asked: How did you comprehend all those "miraculous " stories you were told, when you were religious, without God?

I don’t quite understand the question. When I was religious I did believe in god. =/

Anonymous asked: Aish has posted some truly nasty vile articles before. One article implied that pro-Palestinian Jews were "irredeemable" to their own people and were compared to the Wicked Son at Passover. Another told women that the only way to meet a good husband is to dress attractively and never ever argue with him or talk about yourself (basically be stupid eyecandy). They've also posted articles that are pro-"reparative therapy" for LGBT people. Aish also has ties to the anti-Muslim Clarion Fund.

yikes, fucking aish. can’t believe I used to love that tripe bullshit.

blardenfrazifonochip asked: Have you ever considered that religion (not religious institutions, but the thing itself) is not what causes all the problems in the world, but rather capitalism, colonialism, imperialism, heterosexism, and the cisheteropatriarchy? Now before you tell me that some of those things are included in religion, have you ever thought that that's only because religion was mostly formed and led by straight cis men?

yes, I’ve considered that. those things definitely suck, but it’s not only that which makes religion suck.

Anonymous asked: Doesn't Chabad practice idolatry?

I really don’t care. It’s all just different flavors of nonsense to me.

There was once a girl who was davening at the kosel on Tisha B’Av and crying.
Her friends asked her what she was crying about. They wondered what she really felt.
She replied that she was crying because she didn’t know what she should be crying about. She didn’t know what to feel.
Today, we are so lost; we don’t even know what we’re missing.

Excerpted from email which took from (via girloverhere)

I’ve heard this story many times. It’s something of a classic. Which I think is telling: Most jews really don’t care that we lost our animal sacrifice headquarters thousands of years ago. But we’re told that we should care, that we should feel devastated! We’re instructed to feel bad. So they tell stories like this. And I believe this story, personally. Having experienced the cognitive dissonance and instructed emotions of Judaism, I understand this story. And it’s really sad. This girl is crying - she’s that torn up - bc she can’t force herself to care about our primitive ancient history; she sad bc she can’t emote as she’s “supposed to” on command. And so she feels bad about that.

It’s kind of fucked up.

p.s. Just some food for thought: The temple was destroyed around 2,000 years ago and jews are expected to still continuously mourn its loss. And yet many Palestinians lost their homes within the last 100 years and we expect them to just forget it and move on. =/