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Anonymous asked: God does not learn from his mistakes, if he flooded the earth and wanted to start over. He should have tweaked something in us human beings. We still doing the same shit that got him mad at us in the first place. Wouldn't that make more sense?

I’m sure all the religious folk would be screaming about “free will”, and that’s valid enough for me (though questionable). but still, killing off the planet is clearly more the evil, sociopathic dictator route than the benevolent ruler route.

I’d like religious folk, even if not giving up the ghost completely, to at least admit that it’s a fucking psycho.

Anonymous asked: How can one make this world into G-d’s home?

First invent a god, then own the world, then invite your mythical character to take over your actual world. good luck.




Guys, check out this amazing project called : The Shmira project

"The Shmira Project is an ongoing, grassroots program that pairs IDF combat soldiers with Jews around the world who do acts of kindness, prayer or Torah learning to increase the soldier’s spiritual merit and protection."

It’s really awesome and I got my soldier to pray for and do mitzvahs for!

Sign up here!

This is fucking stupid.

Just be good for goodness sake. And don’t be daft enough to think you’re helping actual soldiers with your yeshiva learning and mitzvot. If I was an average israeli soldier hearing this I’d be insulted.

Anonymous asked: How does tznuis protect Israel? I find this weird to say.

I agree. It’s bullshit.

Anonymous asked: What do you think of the fact that natural selection causes an increase in religious fundamentalism (they have more kids then everyone else) ?

Clearly natural selection was not intelligently designed.

Please note that despite the OP’s ad to the contrary, your prayers and amulets, in fact, have no discernible effect on the soldiers.

Please note that despite the OP’s ad to the contrary, your prayers and amulets, in fact, have no discernible effect on the soldiers.

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Anonymous asked: Many people site the Zohar's prophecies of the industrial evolution and of 9/11 as proof of the divinity of the Torah. Can these prophecies be debunked and if not why don't they prove the divinity of the Torah?

A) Yes, they can be debunked. B) No, they wouldn’t prove the torah anyways.

The main problem with “prophecies” in general (like those of Nostradamus) is that they’re usually quite vague, or simply interpreted loosely.

Industrial Revolution Prophecy:

The Zohar (part I, 117a) interprets along prophetical lines:

In the 600th year of the 6th millennium [1840 CE] the upper gates of wisdom will be opened and also the wellsprings of wisdom below. This will prepare the world for the 7th millennium like a person prepares himself on Friday for Shabbat, as the sun begins to wane. So it will be here. There is a hint about this in the verse “In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life …all the fountains of the great deep were broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened” (Gen. 7:11).

So, in 1840, the “gates of wisdom” and the “wellsprings of wisdom” will be open. That’s nice… but what the hell does it mean? Basically, anything.

If the year put forth was around 1990, rabbis would say it referred to the internet. If it was 1700, then it’d refer to the work of geniuses like Newton. Simply put, it’s vague.

Also, another important point here, is that knowledge grows over time. With some exception of setback (e.g. the dark ages), this is true. There will always be a new insight during every age. Furthermore, it shows another problem with this “prophecy”, which is that the “gates of knowledge” didn’t suddenly open (and certainly not suddenly in the year 1840): knowledge has been building up over time.

(More on this “prophecy” here.)

Zohar / Vilna Gaon 9/11 Prophecy:

And in the sixth day, shall be seen within 25 days of the sixth month (Hebrew month of Elul) and shall gather on the seventh day at the end of 70 days. In the first day it will be seen in one city, and at that day three high places shall fall down in that city. And the Palace of Strength shall fall down. And the ruler of that city (i.e. the angel that is responsible for this city in the upper worlds) shall die…
…One king shall rise, big and ruling in the world, shall rise over all the kings, and shall stimulate battles in 2 directions, and will overcome them. And… the holy land shall tremble(i.e. earthquake) 45 miles away from the place where the Temple used to be. And one cave shall be revealed (bin-Laden’s shelter?) beneath the earth. And from that cave a big fire shall emerge to burn the world (nuclear weapon?). And from that same cave shall emerge a huge superior bird (plane?) that will rule the whole world, and the kingship will be given to him…- (x)

So, to start, I got this text from the page of someone who seems to support the notion of this “prophecy” but even this person has to include quite a few question marks to even begin to make the pieces fit. In other words, it’s vague.

Firstly, the date it speaks of is actually Sept 13, not Sept 11, but some apologists will simply say that, “hey, what do you know, the famous rabbi, the Vilna Gaon, corrected that! He said the text had an error and meant two days before!” - Ok, let’s just put aside the fact that the text itself had the wrong date and it happens to be that of the thousands (millions?) of rabbis who’ve studied it, that there was one who suggested a different date that happens to work for this interpretation - let’s put that aside, say the Gaon was a semi-prophet too, and just continue…

"Three high places… in that city." A) What is meant by "high places"? It could mean buildings, or people, or gov agencies, or whatever. Vague. B) If we’re gonna say it’s about the buildings, well, only TWO "high places" fell in NYC. The prophecy predicts three in the same city.

"Palace of strength" - What is that? And why doesn’t it seem to have happened?

"Ruler of that city" - Oh, of course, suddenly this part is talking about angels. Or, just maybe, it was simply a prediction which didn’t occur.

"One king to rule them all" - the best shoe-fit I could imagine would be the US, but the US didn’t "rise" and doesn’t seem more powerful now than before. And I’m not even sure we can say we won our wars overseas!

Earthquakes? Giant Fires? Tyrannical birds? Messiah? etc. etc.

In other words, this clearly doesn’t work in the details, and even generally speaking it only works bc the text is vague.

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Anonymous asked: Re: Jerusalem. Actually, Shalem = peace is a much later reading of the word. Shalim was the Canaanite god of dusk (see wikipedia on Shalim). Jerusalem originally meant City of Shalim. Since Shalim is equivalent to dusk or the end of the day, that's how it got the meaning of completion, one of that root's many meanings. -Fizzix

Interesting! Thanks Fizzix - and good to hear from you!

trip---infinity asked: How is it possible for a person to come from the Judah tribe (which king David was apart of) to have more male descendants when God left all the males childless for the rest of their lives. It's in Jeremiah chp 22. So I'm confused as to how Jews don't believe in Jesus when he was a descendant of King David & there are no more descendants in the Judah bloodline to become their messiah

1. I’m an atheist. I think both christians and religious jews are crazy.

2. I don’t see that in Jer 22.

3. Inasmuch as Jesus is supposed to be from the davidic bloodline, clearly christians believe the bloodline didn’t end.

4. even if jesus had that going for him, jews expect more from the messiah. small things like the end of war on earth and the righteous being resurrected. so, yeah, just claiming to be the messiah doesn’t cut it for them.

5. you’re all crazy. seriously, a supernatural messiah?! for fucks sake, join reality.

So my friend introduced me to these Hannah Barbara bible cartoons. They’re kind of hilarious. This one is part one about Joshua and the battle of Jericho. Honestly, the time traveling kids who magically get involved might be the most believable part of the story.

Our God, the Jewish and Christian God, is not a “nice” God. He treats us like adults.

On Being and Staying Catholic in the Modern World (via semper-spes-est)

1) More like, “treats us like animal property.”

2) Yahweh isn’t just “not nice”; he’s basically an megalomaniacal sociopath. e.g. drowning the planet, just to pick one example.