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Tom Waits

—Jack Kerouac on the Road


Tom Waits - Jack Kerouac on the Road

I love when one artist I like muses about another artist I like.

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might be worth it to convert… =]
but yeah, also, I talk shit about religion bc I think it’s bullshit, but important to remember that most religious people are cool, even if they believe in magical bullshit.

might be worth it to convert… =]

but yeah, also, I talk shit about religion bc I think it’s bullshit, but important to remember that most religious people are cool, even if they believe in magical bullshit.

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Back from Seattle and got a new laptop… I’m still really disoriented but hope to have some new posts soon =]

sootonthecarpet asked: (It'd be pretty hard for me to use Jew in a racist asshole way since I'm Jewish! Have you got any info on how other Jewish people may feel about me calling them Jews? Like is that chill or bad)

My info is just based on my personal experiences living with other jews of a variety of sorts over the years: Basically, it depends on the person, but usually from one jew to another is considered ok, probably bc there’s no fear of ill intent. (But if you have an asshole who hates jews, even if he’s jewish, using the word “jew” would be iffy in that situation.)

but yeah, depends on the person and context. I was at a party the other day and ran into another jewish person who said something like, “you’ve got such a jew look”, and it made me a bit uncomfortable though I laughed it off with a joke.

So, know your audience and be aware of the context. That’s probably the best I could advise since there aren’t any strict rules about it and I’m not the kind of person who’d prefer to ban a word.


So um… (I’m Jewish and) I’ve seen some people saying that using ‘a Jew’ instead of ‘a Jewish person/person who is Jewish’ is extremely derogatory and shouldn’t be done for the same reasons you shouldn’t say ‘a black’ or ‘a gay’. But I haven’t seen any Jewish bloggers talking about this on their blogs, and most of the Jewish bloggers I find often call themselves Jews and often describe other Jews as Jews. Is this like that ‘people with disabilities’ thing that able bodied neurotypicals started saying was the sensitive and just way to describe disabled people, and then they started policing us for saying ‘disabled’ about ourselves? Like, is this a thing goyim made up that Jewish people don’t actually ascribe to? Or have I just happened not to be running into the Jewish people who feel that the noun Jew is derogatory?

The issue is that “jew” can be offensive. A lot of it is about the context and how it’s said. As they put it in “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, it depends if it’s a “hard J”. 

So I don’t think it’s wrong for a non-jew to use the word jew, but it’s often advised against since it can be misconstrued and bc it’s used as an epithet by racist assholes.

But if you use it in a genuine, non-asshole way, it shouldn’t be a problem in and of itself. (Though context also matters, and be aware that broaching some subjects could be interpreted as “iffy”, so combined with “jew” it makes it doubly “iffy”… I know it sounds a bit crazy, but we unfortunately have lifetimes of experience with racist assholes, so our bigot-detectors are kind of sensitive.)


Anonymous asked: Hi, I came from an chassidic home which i managed to leave a couple years ago after seeking help from the abuse going on being disguised as ''religion''. This time of year however is particularly hard as I get all the flashbacks of the holidays alongside a lot of guilt although I am an atheist but I feel my mind being transported back to the person I was then and can't block it out from me today. I was wondering if you had any tips based on your own experiences which i can relate to? Thanks!

Hey anon,

I had those for awhile… actually, I still sometimes get them for brief moments. The main thing which helps me - and results may vary! - is to think through the emotions and recognize that they’re based on flawed logic and years of emotional indoctrination. Recognize that it makes sense you’d feel that way, just like, say, an ex-muslim might feel some guilt about not keeping Ramadan. But it’s not bc it’s true; it’s bc of indoctination. And you’re not alone in “recovering from religion”.

Also, time helps heal those wounds. I’m not sure how long you’ve been out of ortho world - and I mean that intellectually, emotionally, and physically - but those feelings fade. (Works well with the previous point.)

Also, are you involved in any of the ex-orthodox groups, whether on Facebook or in real life (eg. Footsteps)? Might be helpful. Also, some therapy can do wonders. I happened to be seeing a therapist as I was becoming an atheist, and it was helpful in sorting out some of my feelings. So that can be a great option too. (But make sure you get a non-judgmental therapist, possibly even a specifically atheistic one if possible. I had an old therapist who was christian as I was starting to go ‘off the path’, and she didn’t get it, which was really frustrating.)

I hope that helps.



superjewishman613 asked: Shana Tova (Happy New Year), this new Jewish year which begins to be a sweet year full of blessing and joy for all of us and our families, it starts on September 24 (Wednesday) at dusk, all my good friend


Do you know what an atheist is? Why are you bothering me with trivia which a) I already know and b) I don’t personally care about, except in that c) I think it’s superstitious nonsense which should be left for the history of mythology?

Would you like me to inform you of all the upcoming hindu, islamic, and scientology festivals? I imagine you’d find that rather annoying, and given the name and topic of your blog, possibly insulting.

So let me introduce you to a wonderful idea: Don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want done to yourself.

Bye bye now.


This is kind of amazing.

Tattoos and Religion


I turned 18 recently, and I’m at a college in a very liberal area where people all around me have super cool tattoos. I’ve been to a local tattoo and piercing shop a couple of times with my roommate for consultation on her second tattoo she’ll be getting soon. I plan to get a cartilage piercing…

get the tattoo. no-one owns the word “shalom”. but understand that for certain jewish people, it might make them uncomfortable bc they dislike seeing things they feel a strong personal connection to (e.g. the hebrew language) being used by a person or group they don’t associate with, esp christians, since many jews still harbor resentment toward christianity.

basically, don’t worry about cultural appropriation; worry about interpersonal sensitivity.


Anonymous asked: you probably didn't get the movie "God's not dead"

Of course not, bc god didn’t choose to move my soul with its inspiring message and flawless reasoning.

also, fyi, I don’t care about messages like this. They don’t bother me. I just wish the person would have gone on to explain anything. Then you’re having a discussion. But this, what the person wrote, that’s just trolling or the level of dialogue I’d expect from a troll - a literal troll.